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Quark introduced in October 2004 its newest version of the industry's flagship and leading publishing software: QuarkXPress 6.5. This free update responds to customers' need and demand thanks to its innovative, superlative and professional performance with graphics, text, color management, and print output.

QuarkXPress 6.5 version expands the power, versatility, and creative possibilities of QuarkXPress software, with new features, increased stability and reliability.

New features have been added including the QuarkVista image editing Plug-In, native multi-layer Photoshop file import and layer editing and an upgrade to the QuarkXClusive XTensions module used for variable data publishing that's available only to Mac OS X users.

As the most popular and powerful desktop publishing tool, publishers rely and trust QuarkXPress to help them achieve higher levels of productivity and reliable results, and meet tight deadlines while exploring their creative potential.                                                                                                                                                                               

Features & Benefits

QuarkXPress 6.5 has arrived with plenty of innovative enhancements. It is downloadable form Quark Inc, website at no charge.

QXP 6.5 introduces new and superlative feature enhancements and allows you to expand your productivity and creativity to their utmost edge.

  • Citrix Support: This release of QXP provides support for Citrix MetaFrame XP presentation Server and Terminal Server users.

    No need to install QuarkXPress 6.5 on multiple machines. Its Citrix Server Support allows the application to live on a server, giving multiple users access at once.

  • Table Enhancements: You can group tables with other items such as a picture boxes and text boxes. Even with another table.

  • Guide Enhancements: Place guides on a master page's pasteboard and display them automatically in your layout.

  • Print Styles Enhancements: QXP lets you customize printing features such as saving output settings for custom bleeds as print style.

  • Quark Fonts Store: This version allows you to select and download missing fonts in a layout from the Quark FontStore

  • QuarkVista™: QuarkVista is a QuarkXTensions™ software that adds image-editing features to QXP. Manipulate images right in QuarkXPress 6.5 with powerful QuarkVista™ XTensions® software — and forget about expensive image editing software.

    QuarkVista allows you to:
    - Apply filters
    - Adjust levels and curves
    - Make color corrections
    - Import native Photoshop® PSD files with PSD Import powered by ALAP
    - Render transformations, keep the original intact
    - Collect for output, apply changes to the original

System Requirements

  Macintosh   Windows
  Mac OS X v10.3 or later   MS Windows 2000 or XP
  128MB RAM   128MB RAM
  230MB Hard Disk Space   190MB Hard Disk Space
  1 CD-ROM drive for Installation   1 CD-ROM drive for Installation
  TCP/IP network for site license   TCP/IP network for site license
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Dictionary software, multimedia, Bidirectional, English Arabic English, English Dictionaries, Arabic Dictionary, covers many languages dictionary and applications, please call us for more information at 1-781-849-0021:

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