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QuarkXPress 8 Arabic Extensions Desktop Publishing
ArabicXT 7.0
For Mac or Windows

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ArabicXT, the award-winning Arabic desktop publishing software solution, transforms QuarkXPress, the most widely used publishing software worldwide from Quark, Inc., into a professional Arabic desktop publishing (DTP) software. ArabicXT 7.0 allows you to publish in Arabic and to create outstanding designs for both print and electronic media.

Using ArabicXT 7.0 in conjunction with QuarkXPress, anyone can learn to create superb bi-directional page layouts, producing top-quality professional Arabic and Latin publications. All this with no need for an Arabic operating system!

Since first introduced in 1992, ArabicXT has been adopted by thousands of publishing companies around the world. ArabicXT is widely used by newspapers, magazines, book publishers, catalog houses, printers, prepress houses, advertising agencies and design firms.

ArabicXT 7.0 runs flawlessly under MAC OS X and has been specifically designed to run in the native Mac OS X v10.2 environments. This version is a more efficient solution which conforms to the new user interface of the MAC OS X Operating System.

ArabicXT with QuarkXPress Passport
ArabicXT can also be used with QuarkXPress Passport, the multi-lingual version of QuarkXPress, which allows users to justify, hyphenate and spell check text in 11 languages, including International English, U.S English, French, Spanish, Swiss, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.

Award-winning ArabicXT
When Layout introduced the first version of ArabicXT, it was awarded PC Middle & Near East Magazine's 1998 Award of Excellence as well as the Best of GITEX '97 from BYTE Middle East Magazine.

ArabicXT: A User-Friendly Interface for Optimal Productivity

ArabicXT 7.0 also opens up the world of publishing in Arabic to the novice, including students, freelancers and home-based professionals. Anyone can learn the system in a very short time to create professional Arabic publications. Because ArabicXT 7.0 does not change anything in the original code of QuarkXPress, all of QuarkXPress' features are available in the Arabic language.

Features & Benefits

  • Create eye-catching Arabic-language Web documents to export as HTML documents and post directly on a website
  • Gain more control over your Arabic layout spaces
  • Convert your Arabic print-based designs to Arabic Web-based designs or vice-versa, within one file. You can even include an Arabic Web layout and a print layout in the same file and share Arabic text content between the two.
  • Synchronize Arabic text among different layout spaces for greater accuracy: Include the same Arabic language text in multiple layout spaces and synchronize it between different layout spaces. You can then edit this synchronized Arabic text in one layout space, and it will automatically be changed in other layout spaces.
  • Manage tables efficiently - You can link text cells to one another, or to any text box, in a mixed Latin-Arabic page layout. You can also easily set the tab order of cells, thus customizing your tables.
  • Multiple Undos - Enjoy this feature to reverse one action or a series of actions including text and picture import, text linking style sheet edits and much more.
  • Automatic Kashida insertion using powerful Kashida algorithms for perfect justification.

  • Automatic vertical & horizontal positioning of vowels over characters
  • Drop word over several lines at the beginning of paragraphs
  • Controllable Ligature selection
  • Mix Arabic and Latin text in the same text box
  • Flip page layout from right to left or left to right
  • Bilingual find and replace
  • Import Arabic text from Macintosh or Windows word processors
  • Export Arabic text for editing in other Arabic word processors
  • Copy and Paste text attributes on a character level basis
  • Change of attributes of a specific language within a mixed selection range
  • Improved handling of Style Sheets
  • Enhanced Arabic "Flip Document Layout" feature to handle lines and bezier curves
  • Support "text to box" feature of QuarkXPress directly in an Arabic textbox
  • Convert "text to table" and "table to text" for the Arabic text

    Professionally-designed Arabic Fonts
    ArabicXT includes 46 high-quality Arabic fonts with 10 additional free fonts upon registration. When you register your ArabicXT package, you will be eligible for any technical support you might need, and you will also receive the latest news about other Layout Ltd. products.

  • ArabicXT runs in a Reader Mode
    ArabicXT 7.0 can run in a reader-mode, in which the user works without the need for a dongle. A full ArabicXT version is not necessary to view or print a document created with ArabicXT 7.0.

    ArabicXT operates in a Temporary-Mode
    With ArabicXT 7.0, you can launch ArabicXT in a temporary mode for a limited time of 7 days by just requesting the Keycode for activation. You will then have the opportunity to immediately enjoy the full functionalities of ArabicXT 7.0 even if you haven't yet received yet a Keycode from Layout Ltd. After the temporary mode expires, the only way to continue using ArabicXT 7.0 is by entering the generated Keycode, needed for activation.

    ArabicXT 7.0 is available for Academic institutions
    Layout Ltd. is pleased to offer licensed educational institutions (accredited universities, non-profit schools and institutions and Authorized Training Centers) the opportunity to buy ArabicXT software LabPaks and LabOns at a discounted price. The Labpak license is a package including 10 copies of ArabicXT. The LabOn can be purchased to add more users to the LabPak license in increments of 5.

Notes to the user:
1- A copy of your current student ID card or your current class schedule are needed to accredit your purchase request.

2- To apply for the educational discount, you should e-mail Layout Ltd. and request the Single Educational Order Form.

3- Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the application approval process because the received paperwork from both you and your educational institution need reviewing for accreditation.

Additional language support for QuarkXPress
Additional language supports are also available from Layout Ltd.
1- JawiXT, the QuarkXPress XTensions to publish in Jawi

2- FarsiXT, the QuarkXPress XTensions to publish in Farsi (Also known as the Persian language).

These are available to run in conjunction with QuarkXPress version 4.1 and above.

Price - Order Now

System Requirements

PowerPC G3 or faster processor
4MB RAM Available Memory/RAM
2MB Hard Disk Space
1 Available USB Port
1 CD-ROM drive for Installation
Mac OS X (10.2 or above)
QuarkXPress 7.3
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