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layout desktop publishing middle eastern arabic fonts quarkxpress fitinxt arabicxtFitInXT is a desktop publishing copyfitting solution designed to allow publishers, to automatically adjust and copy fit text within a QuarkXPress box. FitInXT is used mainly by operators working in the layout departments of newspapers and magazines. FitInXT is a user-friendly Quark XPress XTensions™ that saves time by transforming complicated manual text copy fitting tasks into exceedingly simple procedures.

Now, you can quickly and instantly copyfit text to box, box to text, and fit box to picture. With FitInXT, you can choose one or more attributes to create your own fitting style sheets and then save them once and for all.

FitInXT enables you to insert inter-box and inter-column rules using predefined and easily edited rule style sheets. You create these style sheets once and enjoy their properties for as long as you wish. To achieve conformity, you can even have your colleagues abide to the same style sheets.

FitInXT allows you to temporarily display overflowed text by a simple mouse click on the red text overflow mark at the lower right corner of the text box. You can also receive warning of text overflow while printing.

FitInXT eliminates those manual, repetitive and annoying tasks, known in the publishing business for wasting valuable time and money! It is time to bid farewell to those manual copy fitting tasks which, for too long, have taken so much of your time and energy.

FitInXT: Compatible with MAC OS X
FitInXT 2.1 runs flawlessly under QuarkXPress 6.0 for MAC OS X.

Why FitInXT?
Cost Effective: Affordable Price of $130 USD (FOB Beirut Price)- More than pays for itself, now that costly errors are eliminated

Learning Curve nearly non-existant

A QuarkXPress XTensions

Copy fitting of boxes saves time and labor costs

Very reliable: meet deadlines on time in today's high-pressured world of publishing

User-Friendly Floating Palette: FitInXT is controlled through the use of a floating palette which navigates along the working area and which allows the user to easily select among the different tool options by a click of a mouse.
Features & Benefits
Fit text to box / to line
FitInXT automatically tightens or expands your text to fit a box area using easily-editable, pre-defined, and prioritised fitting styles. Attributes include point size, kerning & tracking, vertical or horizontal scaling, leading, and paragraph spacing.

Fit headline / title to box (for QuarkXPress 6.x users)
Ease your approach to fit headlines and titles to a box. With one click, FitInXT manages headline fitting until the text fits the box without causing any reflows.

Remember Coordinates
For page coordinates, now you can copy and paste boxes (single, selected, linked, or grouped) in the same location from which they were copied, onto any other page or document.

Inter-box and inter-column rules
With a single click, you can Insert inter-box and inter-column rules, using pre-defined and easily-editable rule style sheets.
Rule styles include: line style (solid, dotted, dashed, and more); line endcaps (arrowheads); color, shade, width; and length.

View overflowed text
View your overflowed text by a simple click and hold of the mouse. The overflowed text appears within a floating block, together with its word count.

Alert for overflowed text boxes
Receive a warning list of overflowed text boxes before printing.
A handy "Find" option allows you to Find First, Find Next, and Find Previous overflowed text boxes.

Display word and line count in a text box or article

Who is FitInXT's target audience?
FitInXT is an ideal DTP solution for high-end publishers. This market segment is comprised mainly of publishing institutions such as newspapers, magazines, design houses, service bureaus, and printing presses.

This market uses desktop publishing solutions in their daily procedures. They extensively look for software solutions that save both time and labor costs and which ensure that all deadlines are met on time.

Try FitInXT before you buy it!
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System Requirements

  Macintosh   Windows
PowerPC G3 or faster   Version currently not available
4MB RAM    
2MB Hard Disk Space    
CD-ROM drive for Installation    
QuarkXPress 6.1 or later    
  1 Available USB Dongle    

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ArabicXT and FitInXT are registered trademarks of Layout Ltd. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners

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