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Job Management System


JobXPort, tailored to all the design aspects of a publication, offers you multiple benefits:

Reduce Errors
With JobXPort, say goodbye to all costly design and pre- and post-printing errors. JobXPort saves you valuable time and money and ensures that no last-minute mistakes are found in the final stage of your print job.

A mistake-free operation translates into increased revenues. No more extra charges or wasted staff time. You can run a more efficient operation, freeing you up to produce bigger and better publications.

Improve Efficiency
JobXPort gives you total control over the job, because you're monitoring its status electronically at all times through any web browser.

JobXPort puts it all at your fingertips!

Features & Benefits

JobXPort alerts you to any problems via a warnings list that you have customized, based upon your own preferences. JobXPort's Warning Manager displays warnings for:
  • Missing picture files
  • Overflowed text boxes
  • Cropped Pictures
  • Pictures having:
    1. A Resolution under a predefined dpi value
    2. A predefined Color Mode (RGB, HSB, LAB, Grayscale, etc...)
    3. A specific file format (JPEG, TIFF, PICT, EPS, PSD, GIF, etc...)
    4. Non-uniform scaling ratios

With JobXPort, you receive automatic and customized Warnings based on your own set of Preferences about different problems existing in your document, through the JobXPort “Warning List”.

Warning List

  • An XPort feature allows you to electronically export your page previews in HTML format. The HTML Preview is exported in specified time increments, or each time the document is saved, so that you can continuously monitor your job's status through a web browser.

    In addition, JobXPort offers you a variety of Templates to choose from, and you can add your own Templates. Each Template displays your document preview in a specific, pre-defined layout.

    The XPort Preview guarantees you total control over your job. And your customers can also update themselves about their job's progress, remotely on the web.
HTML Browser


System Requirements


  Macintosh   Windows
  PowerPC G3 or faster   Version currently not available
  128MB RAM    
  20MB Hard Disk Space    
  1 CD-ROM drive for Installation    
  QuarkXPress 4.1 or later    
JobXPort Version 1.1 


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