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Layout KeyCode Registration System

I- What is it?

Until now,  Layout products have used dongles to ensure security. This has now changed.

The new Keycode protection system has revolutionized the whole concept of software protection. The new keycode server,  which was launched by the begining of the year 2002,   is online 24 hours per day,  7 days per week, in order to automatically process all KeyCode requests required to run Layout products.

This means that you will no longer have to order products and wait for them to be shipped. If you have a Layout product with a dongle, you will be able to purchase other Layout products without dongles and use KeyCodes to access them instead. Further, you will be able to upgrade your software online.

II- Advantages:

1- Faster software delivery

Users are now able to purchase Layout products -without a dongle - by following these steps:

1.  Download a copy of the product from Layout's website ( from any Layout product CD

2.  Purchase a Product ID number (a proof of purchase)from a local dealer, in order to request a KeyCode from Layout ’s KeyCode Server.  Once the KeyCode is returned, the user can activate and run the application immediately.

3.  The original product package will be shipped later.

2- Faster upgrades for existing software

Users can easily upgrade their existing package by downloading free upgrades from Layout ’s website. For payable upgrades, users must follow step #2 in the section above.

3- Direct delivery of KeyCodes

Dealers can request KeyCodes from customers ’locations, and KeyCodes will be sent to those locations. Dealers are no longer required to make several trips to a customer ’s location in order to install software.

III- To which Products does this apply?

The KeyCode Server began issuing KeyCodes for Kalimat 3.0, ArabicXT 5.0, FitInXT 1.0, StripitXT 1.5 and for Al-Rassam Al-Arabi 3.0.  Note that Kalimat 3.0, ArabicXT 5.0, FitInXT 1.0, and StripitXT 1.5 currently use a dongle, i.e.  their KeyCode protection system is a "Dongle Based KeyCode Scheme ".

As for Al-Rassam Al-Arabi ’s KeyCode system, it is a "Hardware based keycode scheme ", dongle-less and thus, dependent on the machine ’s hardware.

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