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Layout Press Releases

  • Xinet Distributorship
  • Advertising: Managing in an Instant-Access Culture
  • Launching of MagazineXT
    • Xinet Distributorship

      Remaining in line with the commitment to offer the most technologically advanced solutions, Layout is venturing into the field of digital asset management (DAM) as a distributor for Xinet products: FullPress, WebNative, WebNative Venture and WebNative Portal. Xinet is the leading developer of high-performance server software applications for graphics and media professionals.

      The Xinet WebNative platform streamlines the collection, the access, the production, the distribution and the archiving of graphic media for advertising, publishing and corporate communications.

      Xinet's cross-platform system accelerates the creative and production workflow by breaking down barriers between staff, vendors and clients. Here is just one example of how an advertising agency with offices around the globe can use WebNative: the agency's art directors, account management, creative and traffic department staff as well as art buyers and suppliers can access, develop and approve shots, images, brands and layouts via the Internet wherever they are in the world.

    • Advertising: Managing in an Instant-Access Culture

      The usual "I'll get back to you" just doesn't cut it anymore in today's instant-access corporate culture. When a client calls - anytime, from anywhere - inquiring about the status of an ad campaign, you better have the answers fast. While technological advances have streamlined the way in which designers and creative types design communications materials, management needs to make better use of available technology to keep track of the agency's bottom line. Job Tracking System (JTS) is the answer.

      This new Web-based project management system, designed by Layout Ltd. specifically for advertising agencies, electronically manages the agency's workflow.
      JTS allows account and agency management to track the progress of each component of an ad campaign, whether the assignment is done in-house or by a freelancer.

      A Web-based workflow solution, JTS improves every aspect of the traffic management process as it oversees the countless creative tasks of each account's workload. JTS Modules include:
      Accounts and Brands - Store all your clients and respective brands in a database, which can be organized in a variety of ways. Projects, Jobs and Tasks - JTS electronically manages each step, from scheduling to creating project timelines to time tracking.

      Servers and Archive - JTS allows you to allocate a path and backup reference for your jobs. Job Previews - Access "previews" of each job from your system's Web browser from anywhere, anytime.
      Reports - The reports engine allows you to submit queries based on numerous criteria, eliminating the need to extract data manually. On the Administrative level, JTS allows you to:
      Create users and assign specific roles and system-based privileges. Customize the server, backup and restore options. These are just some of the advantages of JTS. In today's competitive, instant-access climate, JTS is specifically essential for advertising agencies.

    • Launching of MagazineXT
      Beirut - Lebanon september 8th, Layout ltd. announced the launch of its new MagazineXT XTensions to QuarkXPress™™.
      MagazineXT offers publishers the ability to monitor Magazine production live, using a web browser from any MAC or PC on the network. Each page being produced by QuarkXPress™ users on the network will be reflected inside the web browser, allowing production managers to monitor the pages while they are being produced, catch mistakes and modifications before going to press, and get instant updates on the status of the production without disturbing the production team.
      Furthermore, MagazineXT offers 2 additional features:
      • Email Preview: Sends email previews of QuarkXPress™ pages directly from QuarkXPress™ with a single click.
      • Warning Manager: Alerts the user about several printing and picture problems which could be avoided such as missing picture files, cropped pictures, low resolution, RGB, LAB and Grayscale color modes.

      "MagazineXT is considered to be a unique solution for several problems affecting the workflow of the magazine publishing process." said Gabriel Habis, president & CEO for Layout ltd. "Management has no access to information about the progress of production, the page layout previews and if all advertisement expected have been inserted in the issue, unless they actually walk into the production studio. With MagazineXT, management can view the magazine as it is being produced by the production team from the comfort of their desk." Added Mr. Habis.



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