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RepliDot 1.1: Your Complete Copydot Solution that Digitizes your films to the Dot!


Download Demo for PhotoShop 7 Version
Download Demo for PhotoShop CS Version


RepliDot, a revolutionary copydot software solution, is a Photoshop® Plug-In® that converts traditional halftone separation films into high-quality digital bitmap files for integration in today's all-digital workflow, such as Computer-to-Plate technology or other similar workflows.

Broaden your horizons with RepliDot
With the move to Computer-to-Plate technology, the need for a reliable copydot scanning solution has emerged. Publishers with incoming film-furnished advertisements can now openly accept a wider variety of jobs than ever before. Nevermore be limited by:
  • Buying dedicated scanners with special software at high costs
  • Scanning separations on your own scanner and losing major highlight and shadow information
  • Creating proofs from film separations for further rescanning

With RepliDot, your anticipation for a complete Copydot scanning solution comes to an end
RepliDot is a powerful copy dot scanning solution that ensures the optimal digitization of scanned originals and assures high-quality reproduction.

RepliDot responds to strong market needs by using Adaptive Threshold Technology within the most popular photo-editing software: Adobe Photoshop. Through calibration utilities based on your scanner and film characteristics, this innovative software solution reliably transforms any scanned grayscale image (of halftone separation films) into high-quality digital bitmap files.

RepliDot's simple interface allows you to automatically create correction tables that suit your own scanner from a calibration target. This process introduces a precise level of correction to account for tint, while conserving sharp edges of text. The end result is the ability to reproduce and align your C,M,Y,K films, and to create a high-quality digital EPS file that can be imported by leading publishing software.

The Workflow demonstrating the two image reproduction methods of RepliDot
Features & Benefits

  • Calibration
    Calibration is the process of creating adaptive and corrective threshold tables to capture exact dot densities when processing images.

    RepliDot provides two methods of calibration:
    Automatic Calibration
    Automatic calibration is used when you want to generate a correction table from a calibration target on your existing scanner, or from a set of films of major page layout software.

    Manual Calibration
    Manual Calibration is used when the user has no other alternative but to crop known percentage areas and calibrate accordingly.
  • Dot2Dot your Screened Films using Advanced Adaptive Threshold Technology
    RepliDot allows you to completely convert a scanned halftone film into a high-quality bitmap digital file, taking into account the smoothness of vignettes and the sharpness of text. The end result is a high-contrast, artifact-free, black and white image file of your separation films.

  • Digital Descreening for Optimum Speed and Flexibility
    Through the use of advanced algorithms, RepliDot's Digital Descreening feature reproduces a screened film, leaving you with an editable digital image in a continuous shade. Need to make last minute changes to the CopyDot file, Digitial Descreening is the choice for you.
    RepliDot's Digitial Descreening Dialog box
    Using a proprietary technique, RepliDot's Digital Descreening offers a unique way to produce an editable DCS continuous tone file from a set of prescreened film separations. This is done by digitally removing halftone screening patterns while preserving the details of the origin
    al film. This image processing workflow allows you to apply, image retouching and changes to the resulting continuous tone image file by modifying the size, resolution, sharpness or other output parameters prior to its integration into the electronic pagination stage.
  • Manageable Dot Replication for Improved Image Quality
    RepliDot's advanced utilities allow you to clean the background of your film, and improve the sharpness of the processed dots, choosing from four degrees of sharpness: Low, Medium, High and Maximum.
  • Automatic Registration of Digital Separations
    The Digital Film Alignment process uses the four converted digital separation files to create a DCS set of files known as a Copydot file, consisting of:
    1. Corresponding aligned C,M,
    Y,K files, ready for output
    2. A composite EPS preview of the four films, superimposed
    Or a composite file representing your set of separations.

All the above can be easily placed in the desired page-layout software to be used in your full-digital workflow.

Why choose RepliDot?
RepliDot enhances copydot scanning and digital descreening on any transparency scanner for an exact replicate of your original film separations

  • RepliDot is your copydot solution when archives of film separations need to be accurately reproduced for integration into your Direct-to-Plate workflow
  • With your choice among different threshold calibration settings, RepliDot uniquely provides a reliable tool for all your copydot scanning jobs
  • Take advantage of Manual and Automatic Calibration to correct dot densities when converting your original screened films
  • While totally suppressing visible moiré and artifacts, Dot2Dot reproduction of your halftone separations produces high-quality digital bitmap files, using Advanced Adaptive Threshold Technology
  • Digital Descreening flawlessly generates an editable Continuous Tone image file, while preserving sharp edges of text, and retaining original film details
  • Digital Descreening techniques efficiently allow you to perform unlimited photo retouching with a great deal of design flexibility
  • Automatic Registration of the four converted digital separations flawlessly generates a copydot EPS file, ready for output
  • RepliDot easily accomodates four separations with complete bleed, trim, and registration marks

RepliDot provides a complete halftone film scanning solution
Printing presses, repro houses, magazines, newspapers, and advertising agencies can now finally ensure high replication quality of supplied original films for integration into today's all-digital workflow.

RepliDot Downloads

Download Demo for PhotoShop 7 Version
Download Demo for PhotoShop CS Version

System Requirements

  Macintosh   Windows
  Apple Macintosh G4 - 500MHz   Version currently not available
  1GB Available RAM    
  5GB Available Hard Disk Space    
  1 CD-ROM drive for Installation    
  Adobe Photoshop 7.x, or
Adobe Photoshop CS (currently available with Photoshop 7 limitation of 30,000px x 30,000px canvas)

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RepliDot Pro Edition v1.6

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RepliDot Lite Edition v1.2
Includes only the DIGITAL DESCREENING technique.
The Dot2Dot is not available.
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