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When You Download ArabicXT Demo Version,
Please Note the Following:

1) Firstly, we should make sure that the ArabicXT demo is launching correctly. To make sure, when launching Quark, a new menu called "Arabic" must be added to the Quark menu bar.

2) In order to import an Arabic text done in Word for Windows into QuarkXPress/ArabicXT for Macintosh, you have to do the following steps:

2.1) Under Microsoft Word, the Arabic text must be saved as text only format, following are the steps how to do:

_ If the Windows version that you are working on is Windows 98, then the Word Arabic document should be saved as text only (.txt).

_ If the Windows version that you are working on is Windows 2000, then the Arabic Word text file should be saved as encoded text and following are the steps how to do this:

a) Open your Word document under Windows 2000, then from the "File" menu select "Save as" and from the save as submenu select "Encoded Text (*.txt)" and click "Save".

b) A warning will appear informing you that styles, pictures and other formatting cannot be saved, click "Yes" to continue.

c) Now a file conversion dialog box will appear. In this dialog box you have 2 choices:

_ Plain text
_ Other encoding

Select "other encoding" and from the submenu choose "Arabic (Windows)" encoding and click "OK".

2.2) Copy the Arabic text file you created to your Macintosh.

2.3) On your Mac, Launch QuarkXPress/ArabicXT, Create a new Document, create a new text box.

2.4) From the Arabic Menu select Tag box to Arabic.

2.5) From the Arabic menu, under Layout Utilities, select Get Windows Arabic Text and choose the Arabic text file you created in step 2.1).

3) As for the manual, kindly note that when you run the ArabicXT demo installer, you will get a Read Me button, by clicking on this button, you will get a file that will give you a brief description on the ArabicXT features.

Note: When you buy the ArabicXT extension, you will get with it a manual user guide as pdf file.

4) If after following the above steps, you are still facing a problem, then I need you to send me what is the Word and Windows version that you are using.

Please do not hesitate to contact Technical Support for further information.


About Kalimat 3.0 Demo

1) Kalimat Demo is a limited version of the Kalimat application. It runs exactly like the Kalimat application but you can only write the following Arabic words: "AHLAN WA SAHLAN ILA KALIMAT" (Welcome to Kalimat), then try to export it to any Latin application, therefore if you are trying to export another Arabic word, you will notice that not all the characters will be exported correctly, only the characters that form the above Arabic paragraph.

2) In order to import an Arabic text from Word for Windows to Kalimat correctly, following is step by step the procedure:
    a) In the Word application, the Word Arabic text document must be opened and saved as text only (xxxxx.txt).
    b)Copy this Arabic Word text file to your Mac, then launch Kalimat.
    c) Use Import Windows Arabic Text option (Second button of the Kalimat palette), then locate the Word Arabic text file and select Open. The text of the selected file will move to Kalimat Window conserving the Arabic text.

In order to export it to Illustrator, you have to do the following:     

a. Into Kalimat, select the Arabic words "AHLAN WA SAHLAN ILA KALIMAT".
b. Select Kalimat Preferences from the palette or from Edit menu, then choose the Arabic text export option _Kalimat Font Layout_ and click OK.
c. From the Kalimat palette, Click the Export button to export the Arabic word to the Latin application.
c. Switch to the Latin application where you want the text to be exported, then select Paste command, then select the pasted text and choose an AXT font.



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