8 Replies to “Arabic Spoken Conversation for Beginners – Live class With Omar Nassra”

  1. I'm very disappointed with the service I received from Omar and his staff. The only time I received a timely response is when he was looking for a payment from me. I paid accordingly but one by one class. I was sick once and the other time there was a miscommunication about the time and day of the course. I missed two courses with advanced notice and correspondence. I was never told I would still be charged for those courses because I didn't cancel 48 hours in advance (who can do that?!). Instead, I was asked to pay for courses in bulk and THEN I was told 2 classes would be taken out of my payment, rather than ahead of time. So read the fine fine fine print people, it's not an easy to find 'policy' nor are they transparent or upfront about how they will take your hard earned money. Such a shame! And then I was told I would get a refund in a month, I inquired about the refund on the day he said it would be sent. Was it sent? NOPE. Does he respond to his emails? NOPE.

    Bad integrity, bad business, bad experience. I put my email and website along with this to show I'm a working professional that means no harm, would only like fair service.

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