7 Replies to “Arabic for beginners: Lesson 23 – Sun and Moon Letters”

  1. Actually, no need to memorize this letters one by one 14/14- shamsiyya and qamariyya.
    The easiest way to memorise them, read the Quran a little bit more and we'll memorize  them without any difficulty visually and by spelling.
    its my own practice – alhamdulillah 

  2. I've been to 6 classes and I was triggering to understand this rule you've made is so clear cut and straight forward may Allah reward you and give u pious offspring I will testify for u on judgement day you made not easy for me I hope u get rewarded for EVERYTIME I recite this rule 🙂 Salam

  3. Wallahi this needs to be distributed by one and all to spread the understanding of Arabic and understanding the glorious Quran! It is beautifully and lovingly presented with heart and soul ! Jazak Allah khairan!

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