1. Wow. You are an excellent comedian, changing voices and made me laugh. Everybody who comes from Europe is for Americans Russian. Are you from Russia ask everybody. Another thing they must let you know that they are better than you and after each word you saying they will sAy AHA, aha, aha like a jerk.

  2. Thank you so much for making this video…It was really great. Specially the part where you pronounce the Russian words so slowly. I was able to see where the sounds where coming from. Very helpful. I had a Russian friend at work but now he left to start another job so I kinda stop practicing some of the Russian I learned….Big thumbs up for you.

  3. Maria, I'm glad you decided to renew your videos because when you gave it up I felt you were never coming back. Understandable why you stopped. Too much effort for so little gain. Not worth it. Emotionally heavy toll, and as a practical matter of expended energy. But seemingly your break renewed your sense of purpose and I am very pleased to see you throw yourself back into it with enthusiasm and your particularly appealing charm. I sincerely hope you gain followers and contributors to make the effort economically viable as well as personally satisfying. I don't see any references to Patreon or other means of contribution. For now just receiving notifications from YouTube.

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