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    Free trial offer will be only be available for a limited time. By next week they might not have the free trial, so definitely don’t wait to sign up.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Pimsleur. It’s my favorite program to use to start learning any language. I’ve used it with every language I’ve learned. Sign up for the free trial and see how you like it. I personally feel that it's the best way to start any language.

    ….Without a method, and the right resources to follow…learning a language can be very unstructured and take quite long. However when you have them. It makes things go faster.

    Fluency Made Easy (My Book): https://fluencymadeeasy.com/
    I created the book I wish I had seven years ago when I started to teach myself languages. The book is 80 pages, full of practical, immediately usable tips and techniques. You can read it in a day and gain years of language learning wisdom. It also further explains the method covered in the video.

    All the programs recommended can be found in the description. Thanks for watching and I hoped this help!

  2. Ikena, what Assimil pack should you buy? Your book says to get the one with books and the CDs, but after looking on Amazon for Mandarin Chinese I found packs with like 1 CD, different volumes, super packs, and they have like different levels and stuff; which type of Assimil pack are we supposed to get?

  3. I was fluent enough to speak Japanese in about a month and a half. But I studied abroad and I only spoke Japanese for that whole time. I traveled alone, went to different restaurants, picked up girls, etc.. it's amazing how quickly you learn with immersion!

  4. This really helped. I’ve been trying to learn Slovak for years so I can communicate with my family. I continue to ask my mom (who grew up in Slovakia) to teach me and she never does. I’ve decided to teach myself so I appreciate you sharing the programs.

  5. What would you suggest for someone who has studied the language already, but is still not proficient in it? I've been studying in school Japanese for around 4 years now, and while I am aware of a lot of vocab and grammar – definitely not a beginner, I find it very difficult to form a self-study plan to bring me closer to fluency. Help lol

  6. I'm currently learning Romanian and have seen Pimsleur a available in Romanian but Assimil unfortunately is not in Romanian. Could you recommend any book that I could use in place of Assimil?

  7. i have been watching anime subbed for over 3 years now and i havent learned anything except for thank you and big brother because nii-san is the only frickin word sasuke knows other than naruto.i also really want to learn the japanese but it goes so fast i dont understand anything and ive watched at least 3000 episodes now . is there any other way to learn japanese?i would be really appreaciative if someone told me.

  8. I'm kinda mad tho I used to be a fluent Turkish speaker since I was born and was bilangual (ik I butchered the spelling but I'm tired okay) I spoke Turkish and English I grew up and was born in Turkey but I moved to the states 7-8 years ago and both parents are American by birth English native speakers so we don't really speak Turkish in my household or live around any native Turkish speakers so I lost it I'm sure if I went back I'd remember but I don't atm really understand, speak or read Turkish or can I regret this now because I feel rly stupid for doing so

  9. Have you heard of Khmer? I hope to be able to speak and write it. That’s mainly what I’m focused on because I grew up with my parents speaking Khmer to me, so I already have that developed listening comprehension. Surprisingly, I even understood my mom when she was talking about sex and yknow (that may seem a weird topic when out of context) xD

  10. Do you think English is the hardest language?

    I think English is the hardest language because we basically come up with new words almost everyday

    But try to give me your opinion of the hardest language…

  11. I watched a movie in German with subtitles, and now If I watch another one in German without subtitles, I can understand some words and put a sentence together by that and by the gestures.
    Should I stick to subtitles or pressure my brain into getting the sentences but also learn new stuff?

  12. Excuse me? Polish is a medium difficulty language while Korean is one of the most difficult? HAHAHAAHAH xDDDD. Best joke I've ever heard. Seriously. I know both of these languages and it's a total bullshit, man. The conjugation in Korean is a piece of cake in comparison to the conjugation in Polish.

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