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  1. I always looked forward to your videos because you seem very authentic and kind; there's no hidden agenda with you. Watching this video made my love for you grow even more. This video is so beautiful and so, so special. I love that your parents are there helping you through the translations, supporting you in trying to reconnect with the culture you once rejected. And I'm so glad you got to return to your relatives and get to know them and that life your parents once had as well. Amazing, amazing video, I'm subscribed for life.

  2. I'm not gonna top what Cat said but this was one of the most beautiful videos you've done to date. i completely resonate with feeling a lack of pride in my culture when i was younger because it was different. i didn't understand why my food smelled or why kids would make fun of me. everyone assumes that when you're brown, you smell like curry. i'd spray perfume all over me and to this day, i always have perfume. but i've realized how i shouldn't be ashamed of where i come from, but instead celebrate the fact that other people don't have rich histories to lend their identity to.

    i loved watching this whole video and i thought it was SO sweet and special to have your parents included. i hope they were as proud of you as i was to watch you speak in your mother tongue and really give a voice to this generation, and to be proud of who you are.


  3. This was so good, Letitia. I love love love you and your videos. My family immigrated here from the Philippines and admire them for taking that risk and working super hard to make a life here. It’s such a humbling and admirable thing our immigrant parents have done for us! Thanks again for sharing!!!! ❤️✨

  4. Letitia, just WOW. This is such an important topic that's so dear to my heart. I'm half cantonese and even though I unfortunately don't speak at all, I really really wish I did. It really took me my first trip to Hong Kong to really understand the importance. Thank you so much for your vulnerability in this video – it resonated with me so much ❤️ Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. you did a great job, mui :)) wonderful video!

    also "multiplication tables" rolled off your tongue like a stock phrase… traumatically imprinted into your mind? XDD

    also love jocelyn's head poking out in the corner ish of the photo where you're dancing in an oversized red sweater (?) XD

  6. my cherished childhood memories include going on weekend trips with your family.. all five of us packed into the ford station wagon, with me and jocelyn sitting in the back seat your dad made in the boot XD. first breakfast at a chachantaeng, then exploring and educational adventures lol.

  7. This was beautiful and I hope more people are able to watch and share this! It’s inspirational and eye opening for people who may be blind to all the emotional as well as physical adjustments people have to make when moving into a new country. Thank you H & M and thanks for sharing your story

  8. This got me so emotional… I'm a second generation Chinese Canadian who grew up having almost no connection to my culture. I don't know the language and I've never visited Asia… It wasn't until I was a teenager that I understood that my life experience as an Asian was different than my white friends. Now I live in Italy and I feel like an outsider all the time. It's funny how I can be so disconnected from being Asian yet at the same time so completely defined by it. Anyways, this video was so so beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing your story! Happy new year!

  9. This was so beautifully done! I felt the exact same growing up as a CBC in Oakville, I've also recently been learning to appreciate our culture. Your parents must be so proud of you! <3

  10. Hi Letitia, never know that your parents are from Hk, your cantonese is pretty good tbh, it is cool to see you talk about your culture, i feel every culture has its own special place that we should all be respect, love your video! 新年快樂🎉

  11. This video was so beautiful and well spoken, I relate to this as an Australian Born Chinese (Canto) on so many levels. My parents' immigration was basically exactly like yours, and I am so appreciative for what they sacrificed for my brother and I. I love this video so much, thank you <3

  12. Your most heart felt video yet. LOVED IT. I think all 1st generation people or people of color can relate! When i was a kid my parents sent me to a black charter school where we learned swahilli.(west african language) I didnt appreciate it until i got older. Thanks mom and dad

  13. It must be wonderful to know your ethnic origin, your cultural roots… when you are the product of a cultural melting pot you feel disconnected and there’s always a void that you can never seem to fill. You learn to love a flag that represents a nation you were born in but deep within your soul you wish you could BELONG and not just “be born” or “be from” 😔 Please, love your culture; learn and share as much as you can of it 🙏🏻 💕

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